Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Yurchik's First Plane Ride

Recently, Jr and my BFFs moved up north. The kids had difficulty understanding the concept of not seeing each other as often as they had been used to. So, Jr and I hopped on a plane to San Jose. We took a short 2 day trip just so he would understand that Bug's new house was far away and all that. Well, he was a terrific travel companion. He went through security and checkpoints, waited at the terminal without running, shouting or throwing a tantrum and even went through the toy store without any problems. Everyone on both flights commented on how well behaved he was and they loved that he walked down the plane aisles with his little cars backpack looking like he knew what to do! On our return flight there was a little girl who was turning 1 the next day. She wasn't as happy of a traveler and Yurchik spent half the flight home playing peek a boo and laughing and showing her his toys just to keep her calm. He truly is a sweet kid. Here's a few photos from our adventure!
Watching the planes at LAX

Waiting to take off to San Jose

At the Golden Gate Bridge

 One of the many carousels we rode

On a roller coaster

 Ready to ride with mom

 On the plane home

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  1. What a terrific experience for you both! When are they moving, or is it a done deal already? Good for them, but, how sad for the rest of us!!!! Thanks for sharing Scoobs. I still haven't got my new facebook figured out, but once I doit'll be great!!!LOVE TO ALL XXXXXXX x OOOOOOO o Dadders/Gpers XXOO