Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Sunday, July 17, 2011

NO more O2!!!!

Luca is off of oxygen!!! As long as he continues to do well (breathes, eats, sleeps, etc well... gains weight, doesn't get lethargic, all that stuff). He will stay off oxygen! If he starts to wheeze or cough we have albuterol to give him and have been advised to put the oxygen on him overnight as well if needed. He still has his apnea monitor just for safety purposes (for his breathing and SIDS prevention). He is almost "wireless". It makes it SO much easier to go places since he is much more portable without dragging an oxygen tank around!

The boys are also going to start in home therapy. They will be worked with by a professional therapist to do "early intervention" with them to ensure that they don't get behind in their milestones and development. It's a state funded program that we learned about through a friend with twin girls that were about the same gestation(just as preemie). Later they may upgrade to actual therapy at the facility which is mommy and me center based (I'm actually excited for this as it would be a great way to meet more moms of preemies and for the boys (all 3) to be socially acclimated more.

Everyone is thriving... the twins are around 10 lbs now and just as adorable as always. Jr is a sweet boy most of the time; terrible twos do happen from time to time... he isn't much for patience right now. However, he is a very easy toddler who keeps himself occupied (even if it means destroying the house!). I read a quote recently that said "a clean house and a toddler is an oxymoron". That is for sure as it seems every time I pick something up he goes right behind me and takes it back down. He does help a lot though; he takes out the trash, throws his diaper away and tries to clean up his toys. We couldn't ask for better kids!

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