Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Friday, July 9, 2010


WOW! What an adventure. Unfortunately Jr didn't take after his dad in this area. We have known every moment of the hurting gums and cutting teeth. He's been fussing and drooling forever and honestly I started to think his teeth would never come in! Finally they decided to cut through... while we were on vacation. It made for a fun time of no sleep plus lots of driving! He sure is a trooper though. He has decided that since he has teeth he doesn't need to eat baby food anymore. So we have been cutting food to small bites and he's been doing the finger food game. He LOVES it. Some of his favorites are bread and pickles. He enjoys the fun Gerber treats that are especially made for babies and mommy loves that they are whole grain and fruit or veggie flavored to get that little extra nutrition that he's missing out on when he foregoes the baby food. All in all we cannot complain, his two teeth are adorable and he did wait until mommy was off of work for the summer and didn't need sleep. Now if he can just cut them all before the summer's over so we won't have sleepless nights for the upcoming school year...

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