Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Monday, February 8, 2010

Jump N Go

This weekend we assemblied the Jump N Go; one of those jumpers that you hang from the doorway. It says to use when the child can hold their head up on their own. Well, Mr Jr has always been good at holding up his head but we've really noticed in the past week or so how well he's been doing. We decided to try it out. He LOVES it!!! He can look ALL around, he's moving... it's everything he loves. It's adorable as well that he is soo tiny in it. Usually we look at him and he looks SOO big compared to what he is in or near. The JNG makes him look like a tiny baby again- I absolutely love it! We did take a video of him and it is on youtube (along with his other videos). It is so much funny watching him grow and change every day. All we need now is an exer saucer and he would be one happy camper!

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